Executive Team

Sa Re Ami El, Co-Founder and President.
Sa Re Ami El has served as President and Co-Founder since January 2006. Mr. El brings more than 10 years of Sales experience to Zion Financial™ LLC.

Aten-Re El, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President.
Aten-Re El has served as Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Zion Financial™ LLC. since conception in January 2006. Mr. El brings more than 20 Years of Sales experiance to Zion Financial™ LLC.

Shaun Dade, President of New Customer Relations.
Shaun Dade has been a champion in the field of Customer Relations for more than 10 years and is serving and the President of Customer Relations for Zion Financial™. In his role Dade is responsible for creating and leading organizational excellence as well as providing the strategic direction for customer-facing teams in sales and customer relations.

Janice Myers, Product Development Manager.
Mrs. Myers is responsible for guidin+9*g new product strategy and launching initial build outs. She works with strategic partners to establish and develop new project opportunities, which include enterprise analysis tools.

Leslie Miller, Customer Outreach Manager.
Leslie manages a group of front-line Customer Success Advisors responsible for engaging customers and helping build understanding of and excitement for any life insurance product. She also formulates strategies to improve customer satisfaction and retention.

JC Matthews, Senior Sales Manager.
Mr. Matthews is responsible for monitoring the performance of the sales team by establishing a system of reports and communications involving sales reports, cyclical sales meetings, sales newsletters and electronic bulletins.