Simplified issue Term-Life insurance, or no exam term life insurance, is life insurance designed for those in the market place with anywhere from preferred to standard health. Those who are able to purchase a simplified issue life insurance policy are not required to undergo the typical medical exam that may be required when purchasing life insurance. Eliminating the medical examination process is what enables simplified issue life insurance to be approved in a timely manner.

When purchasing no exam life insurance online there are only a few health questions to answer. These questions will help determine if an individual qualifies for coverage prior to the purchase of their policy.

During the application process an individual will be requested to select a beneficiary for their policy. The beneficiary is the individual who is to receive the lump sum payment from the policy in the event of a loss. A typical beneficiary would be a husband, wife, or even children. A signature at the end of the process is required to complete the application. Using our convenient e-signature tool, an individual will be able to provide their signature online.


No Medical Exam Required - Coverage in Minutes

One of the most time consuming and unpleasant aspects about buying life insurance is the medical exam. With today’s technology, it is now possible to buy life insurance online with no medical exam.

You will avoid meeting with a medical physician, having blood drawn, gathering a urine sample, and potentially lengthy underwriting. By filling out our simple online application and submitting it through our secure form, you can avoid the headaches and delays of taking a medical exam.