Banner Life

Your Company for Life ™

Banner Life Insurance Company is in the business of providing financial protection through life insurance for families living in America from coast to coast.

At the heart of our business is a genuine concern about our policyholders; that concern even extends to people who don’t yet have life insurance protection because we know how beneficial it can be. We consider ourselves lucky to work for a company that cares about families – the families by traditional definitions and those defined by your own personal circumstances, the business owners who consider their partners as family, the employees who are part of our corporate family, and the brokerage agencies who make up the familial insurance community.

We sincerely hope your life is a long one and we have plans to help make that a reality. Whatever its length, you can count on us to help provide financial security for those who will still have to go on living even if you’re not.

How can we be so sure? Banner is financially strong, fiscally responsible and committed to the business practices that will make sure we will be here when you need us most. Our life insurance policies are sold through independent agents and brokers. Because of that independence, you can trust that when an agent recommends Banner we’ve been compared to other companies and proved to be a good match for your life insurance needs. More information about our financial strength is available here.

Our history began in 1949 and sixty years later we are still a growing company. At year-end 2009, Banner had more than $396 billion of life insurance in force; according to A.M. Best we ranked 11th among all U.S. companies for new coverage issued in 2009.

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