Instant No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance with No Medical Exam Requirements
When applying for instant term life insurance coverage, some carriers require a medical exam for all policies, while others require exams only for policies with substantial face values. To entice a wider market, many companies are now offering term life insurance with no medical examination required just answer health questions.

Benefits of a No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance Policy
By applying for an instant no medical exam term life insurance policy all you have to do is answer some health questions. There is no need to set up an appointment with a medical examiner, provide a blood or urine sample, and have your blood pressure taken or set up any doctor visits to confirm your health status. Additionally, all benefits are 100% income tax-free and you have a thirty-day period in which you can change your mind. If this occurs, you will receive a full refund on any monies paid toward a policy.


If you have any question or if you would rather talk to an agent.
Call us now at 1877- 904-9118 and we will take care of the rest. You will be asked your date of birth, weight, height and a few health questions.